Qatar won the Arab teams according to the monthly ranking of the world teams issued by the FIFA, while Belgium won first place in the list.

Al-Annabi was also ranked fifth in Asia and 55 in the world, and Saudi Arabia came 67 in the world, second in the Arab world and the sixth in Asia.

Iraq was ranked 70 in the world, the third in the Arab world and the seventh in Asia. The Emirates team was satisfied with 71 in the world, the fourth in the Arab world and the eighth in Asia.

As for the world, the Red Devils team tops the list, slightly ahead of the second-placed France team:

  • Belgium: 1765 points
  • France: 1733 points
  • Brazil: 1712 points
  • England: 1661 points
  • Uruguay: 1,645 points
  • Croatia: 1642 points
  • Portugal: 1639 points
  • Spain: 1636 points
  • Argentina: 1623 points
  • Colombia: 1622 points