• A pensioner beaten to death by a baby gang, the judge grants the probation of 11 minors
  • Monza: 4 baby gang members arrested, accused of 12 knife robberies


July 18, 2020 The 4 young people including a 17 year old arrested for the punitive expedition that took place on 6 June in Mondello will have to answer for attempted murder aggravated by futile reasons. They would be responsible for the stabbing of two minors during a big fight.  

The accusations
The measures were issued by the investigating judge at the Juvenile Court and by the investigating judge of the ordinary court.
The 17-year-old detained, considered by the investigators, the point of reference of the group. The 19-year-old from Palermo Gabriele Filippone and Ivan Viola ended up with the same charges, while Matteo Giuseppe, Ameduri, 18, also accused of having taken part in the big fight, was placed under house arrest.

Chronicle of the aggression
The aggression would have occurred after a discussion for futile reasons, between two groups of boys. According to the reconstruction of the Flying Squad, the two minors would have sought shelter in front of an ice cream shop, but despite the crowd the four young men of the pack, supported by other boys, would have beaten wildly and stabbed the two boys.

Witnesses and videos
The agents collected dozens of testimonies and viewed the videos taken by some video surveillance systems of public places near the crime scene and some videos shot by people witnessing the attack.

Roles during the attack The
investigation revealed the responsibilities of the minor, the recipient of a precautionary measure in prison, recognized as "the one who would have attacked the victims with kicks and punches until, I pay, he would have helped to stab them at the hips" . "The investigations showed that the minor brought the knife and gave it to an accomplice to hide it - explain the police investigators.