Taking the child to the pool or beach is one of the most important recreational activities in the summer vacation, and it takes taking the necessary precautions and following some instructions to have a great time with your children.

In a report published by the Spanish magazine "Bekia Padres", author Jose Roldan Prieto said that many parents prefer a swimming pool on the beach and consider it more comfortable and safe.

But by following some advice, you can - according to the author's opinion - enjoy your time and avoid any kind of problems when escorting your child to the sea, especially the first time.

With these tips and advice, your child can enjoy the experience of swimming in the sea without any problems.

Going to the pool or the beach is one of the most important recreational activities on the summer vacation (Getty Images)

1- When going to the beach with the child, the preparation should be greater than in the pool. Don't complicate things, but just take what you need. Mostly, it is not necessary to take a baby stroller because it is very difficult to walk on beach sand.

2- Sea water is much less harmful than pool water, as chlorine used in swimming pools is very harmful for children's skin. It is important to go between the sea and the pool, because sea water salt can sometimes cause some skin infections. In this case, you should consult a pediatrician to prescribe the right type of cream to protect your child's skin.

3- What you cannot miss under any circumstances, whether you go to the beach or the pool, is the protection from sunlight because the skin of children is very sensitive. Hat and sunglasses are very essential.

Sun protection is necessary because children's skin is very sensitive (Getty Images)

4- Experts advise to avoid swimming in times when sunlight is very harmful, so it is best to accompany your children to the sea in the early morning or afternoon.

5- If you are taking your child to the sea for the first time, it is best to avoid swimming in a crowded place so that the child does not become confused and become nervous in this situation that he lives for the first time.

6- When you put your child in the water, you must hold it well. The sea is usually dangerous and you should be very careful at all times.

7- If it is the first time that your child is swimming in the sea, you should first wet his feet with water, then slowly put him into the water. It is imperative that children swim on the beach in a low water level.

When removing a child from water, his body should be dried (Getty Images).

8- When the child feels safe and gets rid of fear and tension completely, you can play with him a little. You should make playing in the water or on the sand a unique experience of your kindness.

9- The swimming experience differs between children and adults. For a child, swimming often should not last longer than a few minutes. If the child feels cold, or you notice that he is uncomfortable, do not force him to stay in the water for longer.

10- When removing a child from water, it is very important to dry his entire body. He should also bathe to remove as much salt as possible.