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A premature baby only 23 weeks, who was born in Peru with just 580 grams and was infected by the coronavirus , has overcome the disease and reunited with her mother, reported Friday the Social Health Insurance (ESSALUD) of Peru .

Jorge , as this newborn is called, is the lowest-weight baby registered at the Edgardo Rebagliati Hospital in Lima, the largest in Peru. After a month in an incubator in the neonatal intensive care unit, she now weighs 930 grams and has been reunited with her 27-year-old mother, who has also overcome the coronavirus at this time, during which she was isolated in the area of gynecology.

The smallest baby with coronavirus

Jorge, the Peruvian premature baby of only 580 grams who surpassed the Covid 19. HEALTH

"The forecasts were not encouraging but today we have reached the month and we are fighting hard together with the doctors here," said Lissy, the baby's mother.

This boy, who still needs respiratory support, was born on June 15 with less than six months of gestation as a result of severe pre-eclampsia and Hellp syndrome that forced the termination of his mother's pregnancy.

"It is the smallest baby born to a mother with a positive diagnosis of coronavirus and the smallest that our unit has received," confirms the doctor Marilú Pachas , from the Neonatal ICU Service of the Lima hospital.

"His lungs are recovering," said the specialist after the latest molecular tests that were carried out on the baby tested negative for coronavirus .

In accordance with hospital biosecurity protocols, parents receive reports on the child's progress three times a week. However, face-to-face visits will be scheduled and on other occasions they will be put in contact with video calls.

Peru is the fifth country in the world and the second in Latin America with the most confirmed cases of coronavirus, accumulating more than 345,000 infections and some 12,800 deaths.

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