The sun warms wonderfully when Annika Saarikko, a Member of Parliament in the city center, arrives at the Ilta-Sanomat dart race directly from the meeting.

The archipelago is on family leave, but the MP has to take care of certain things nonetheless.

Helsinki's deputy mayor Nasima Razmyar is already waiting in the backyard of the National Museum with a dart in hand.

Seeing old parliamentary colleagues again is joyful.

Let's hug first.

- You look wonderfully rested and fresh, says Nasima Razmyar.

- Last night was quite good, Annika Saarikko says.

Nasima Razmyar and Annika Saarikko have both been on parental leave from politics.

Photo: Aleksi Jalava / IS

They have boys of almost the same age. Annika Saarikon Kaarlo was born in September last year, Nasima Razmyarin Jacob in August.

- Either you sleep all night, Annika Saarikko asks.

Nasima Razmyar smiles.

- Yeah, then, when a suitable side position is found, when someone saws their legs. Even if he himself sleeps, it means that no one else is sleeping.

This is how darts flew from Razmyar and Saariko in June 2019 ...

Photo: Joonas Salo / IS

... and so in the summer of 2020.

Photo: Aleksi Jalava / IS

Here they are again, a duo familiar from last year’s IS darts race. We met in June 2019 before both had family leave.

At that time, there was a stir that Annika Saarikko had not run for election to the party leader in the center in September 2019.

- I also recognize the risk that other opportunities for the chair may not be available, Annika Saarikko said at the time.

Nasima Razmyar, meanwhile, planned to return to work in January 2020 when the baby is five months old.

- But I'm not naive, he said at the time.

- I know exactly when I go to work in January and the baby stays home that a sting in my heart will probably hit.

A lot has happened in a year.

- The first months were pretty baby-colored fog, above all good, Annika Saarikko says.

It wasn’t until the turn of the year that she realized what all she could do on maternity leave.

- We had time to visit the baby carriage once, until it was paused due to a corona pandemic. The baby piles were also canceled.

Annika Saarikko joined the electorate for the first time since her maternity leave at the beginning of July at Loimaa Square. At that time, Katri Kulmuni, the party's chairman, also spoke alongside.

Photo: Lassi Rinne

It's good for me to be. This is what Annika Saarikko thought when the doors of the world closed. Having a close, close time with family felt comfortable.

In recent months, Saarikko's family has been renovating their second home in Oripää, Southwest Finland.

- I've been fortunate that the corona-time is not touched by the family's economic livelihood, and no one has ever suffered entourage. It already has two immense happiness factors, Annika Saarikko says.

Nasima Razmyar is on the same lines.

- I feel that I have been lucky in this situation. But how this has affected economically and socially the lives of many and the schooling of children, Razmyar says.

The Razmyar family has been in migration trees during the Korona period.

- A small surface repair had to be done, but then the renovation swelled big, Nasima Razmyar says.

- So did we, but in the end the roof and walls were the same, Annika Saarikko says.

Nasima Razmyar is the Deputy Mayor of Helsinki. In his office at City Hall, he was photographed in the spring just before moving on to telecommuting.

Photo: Antti Hämäläinen / IS

Last fall, when fresh mothers admired the scent of babies at home, there was a turmoil in politics.

Antti Rinne, chairman of Nasima Razmyar's party, the SDP, had to resign as prime minister in December and was replaced by Sanna Marin.

- Of course, what happened around Antti Rinte was sad. But I feel that it also brought good things, Nasima Razmyar says.

- We currently have an excellent Prime Minister who has done a very good job, he continues.

- And as the mother of a small child, Annika Saarikko says.

Nasima Razmyar nods.

- How nicely he has brought it up and dared to dream too, Razmyar refers to the dream of another child expressed by Prime Minister Marin.

According to Saarikko, children and family are things that can and should be talked about.

- In that, we all have our own task. I have chosen that does not return to work only I, but all of it, which goes with me, he says.


 I have chosen that does not return to work only I, but all of it, which goes with me.

In August, Annika Saarikko will return as Minister of Science and Culture.

- My own industry has gone through a crisis, the leadership of the government has changed, and my party is no longer the center of Juha Sipilä. In that sense, a lot has happened during the year, says Annika Saarikko.

- I have been for a long time, however, so much involved that I know that politics does not begin anywhere and end anywhere. There is always some noise.

The archipelago and Razmyar are responsible for the entire creative field, which has gone through a huge crisis.

- The decision-makers have succeeded really well in their task this spring. But spring has been unreasonably hard, and I take care of their resilience, Saarikko says.

The dart competition was held in the green yard of the National Museum in the center of Helsinki.

Photo: Aleksi Jalava / IS

But we don't talk about work, we talk about babies, Annika Saarikko says.

Nasima Razmyar knew the sting in her heart would come when she returned to work in January.

- I was wondering if I did the right thing now, whether I should have taken a longer leave, he says.

- Do you remember that I said last year that this would be a big deal for my husband and the child's father-in-law, Annika Saarikko asks.

- Did that happen? he continues.

Nasima Razmyar nods.

- When we're home, Jacob looks for his father evenly. At the same age, Jonas wanted to be more close to his mother.

In advance, Razmyar had thought that the baby might forget him during the day. During the Corona period, the office moved to the bedroom.

- I have been able to enter and to put Jacob's nap, he says.

Family life gives Razmyar terribly energy for work.

- There is a terrible fire in the family and on the other hand it feels like there is more present at work when the housework is in order, but this is not easy, he says.

Annika Saarikko once returned to work when her first son Aarni was less than six months old. The 2015 parliamentary elections were coming and there were no options.

- I've been home now extremely happy, he says.

- When I return to work full time, the family will not lose anything. Now that challenge only begins when you need to know how to bring these things together.

The year at home has been instructive. Annika Saarikko is convinced that the parents of young children are hugely effective people.

- I was wondering if I've had any business calls this year that I just talked on the phone?

- With the other hand, I lift the laundry or feed the baby.

Last year, he still couldn’t think about how huge a resource shared time is for an older child in the family. It has brightened now.

But do the fingers scurry back to work? Annika Saarikko asks and answers: Of course.

- Expectations for you are high, says Nasima Razmyar.

- I really wish you a lot of strength. However, after a very pleasant, rather gentle phase, working life is quite a world, he continues.

Annika Saarikko believes that there may be a very heavy autumn ahead. Her husband Erkki Papunen stays home and takes full paternity leave.

- I have two tasks for this summer, Saarikko says.

The second is how to make sure the yarns always stay in your own hands. That it does not go on the path built by others, but follows its own path.

- It is really important to maintain the feeling that this is my life and my solutions.

- And another task is that in connection with my area of ​​responsibility, I try to think about what is the thing I want to be doing.

Annika Saarikko says that there are always endless wishes for the Minister.

- You have to have a slightly higher goal, why you want to be involved. It must have a bigger meaning why I leave my children’s cave and give my loved ones time away.

Until now, Saarikko has worked on social and health issues, which talk about the basics of life.

- Now I can work with things that are extra in life, Saarikko reflects.

- I think that in the aftermath of the corona, remedial experiences and new unity can be gained through culture. Korona, on the other hand, has shown how enormous a role science plays, and how each of us has relied on research.

Didn't go right into the pipe. One of Razmyar's sticks did not hit the board. The result was 7 + 7 + 2 + 3 or 19.

Photo: Aleksi Jalava / IS

Nasima Razmyar would like to be strengthening the conversational atmosphere in working life.

- There is really modern management going on in companies, but politics still lacks this thinking, Razmyar says.

- There is still a work culture of hardness in politics, he continues.

Saarikko describes this legality in words: you can shout in politics.

- Great feelings are allowed, within them also bad behavior, Saarikko continues.

- Well described, Razmyar says.

The archipelago understands well why Razmyar raises this.

- I've watched this the other angles. Recently, there have been great feelings and very painful issues in politics in connection with Katri Kulmun's resignation. It tells you how drastic the kind of politics is.


 People who should be creating new political perspectives and being able to justify things to the people do not have a second to think.

Often on a carriage ride, Saarikko has thought about how to make politics. It would, in his view, deserve a more open debate.

- Nasima highlighted manners, I raise the rhythm of work.

When there is a great passion for work, there is also a great suction for it. At its best, suction makes a person flourish, according to Saarikko, but at its worst, it mainly burdens and clogs the brain.

- I've been thinking about it, as incredible as it is, that people, who should be involved in creating new political perspective and be able to justify to the people things that do not have a second to think.


 There is really modern management going on in companies, but politics still lacks this thinking.

Annika Saarikko's attention is also focused on her own way of working.

- It wasn't really from anywhere, I didn't go to work for lunch for two years. Or that terribly rarely do key decision-makers genuinely have time to discuss together.

- It will not build glue for the government if it only sits down for an agreed 45 minutes with a list of ten problem areas that need to be solved.

There has been strong self-criticism about Saariko on this issue during family leave.

- Dialogue, discussions, time to think about how to make policy. That’s the point that terrifies me on my way back to work. That I can carry some of this thinking with me.

The upcoming municipal election spring is already in the minds of Nasima Razmyar. His four-year term as deputy mayor will end then.

- Of course, you are a candidate for the next season, Annika Saarikko says. And so Nasima Razmyar is going to be.

- Love for Helsinki has not changed during this time. On the contrary, it has grown, Nasima Razmyar says.

Annika Saarikko's future may change as early as September if she ran for election to the center's presidency.

Saarikko recently threw 4 + 5 + 2, recovering from hand surgery, a total of 11. One dart went to the ground.

Photo: Aleksi Jalava / IS

In last year's IS darts competition, Saarikko stated that it may not be a new opportunity to chair the center.

- That's what I had thought, he says.

Now, he says, it rarely happens that expectations come true again.

He has given himself permission to genuinely consider his possible presidency.

- Everything I do, I tend to do as seriously as Nasima does, it's not half-witted.

- That's why the decision must feel. I trust I know for sure. Now I don't know yet.


 I trust I know for sure. Now I don't know yet.