Satellite imagery taken on June 16 showed the presence of Russian Sukhoi 24 fighter planes and an update of the air defense units at the Jafra Air Force Base (central Libya), which is controlled by the forces of retired Major General Khalifa Haftar.

And the verification unit of "Al-Jazeera Mubasher" monitored the presence of Russian fighters and new air defense units at the Al-Jafra air base, which it uses in its attacks on the internationally recognized forces of the National Accord Government.

The island's verification unit, Mubasher, said that the pictures shown by Google Earth data show the presence of two Russian Sukhoi 24 aircraft, a number of MiG-29s, as well as Ilyushin 76 military cargo planes and reconnaissance planes.

Satellite imagery showing the presence of Russian military aircraft at the Al-Jafra base, including fighters and transport (Al-Jazeera)

Comparing the photos
The verification unit added that it compared the pictures with other pictures taken on Saturday, May 30, and it was found that the air defense units were added after this date in the southern and northern sides of the base.

The forces of the National Accord government said earlier this month that they had detected Emirati and Russian warplanes flying through the airspace near Sirte and Misrata, and revealed new evidence of the UAE's support for Haftar.

The spokesman for the Sirte and Al-Jafra liberation operations room, Brigadier General Abdul Hadi Dara, said that his forces had monitored the planes of UAE marchers in the sky over the region Friday.

Another aspect of reinforcements is at the base of Jafra, which is controlled by Haftar forces (Al-Jazeera).

Russian aircraft
Derah added, in a press statement, that the forces also detected Russian MiG-29s that were patrolling the sky of the South Abu Qurain area (200 km east of the capital, Tripoli).

The Al-Wefaq government forces also revealed that during the period of the attack on Tripoli, its navy was able to seize one of the Emirati ships supplying the aircraft of retired Major Khalifa Khalifa.

The Libyan government has condemned more than once what it said was military support provided by the UAE to the Haftar attack on the capital, Tripoli, which began on April 4, 2019 and ended in May.

NEWS: New evidence of Russian aircraft active in Libyan airspace (1 of 3)
“# Russia's sustained involvement in #Libya increases the violence and delays a political solution.” - BG Gering, director of operations

- US AFRICOM (@USAfricaCommand) June 18, 2020

AFRICOM's Testimonies
Before that, the US Military Command in Africa (AFRICOM) said on June 18 that it had proofs of a Russian fighter flying from al-Jafra base and another near Sirte.

"These fighters were not in Libya, and it is clear that they came from Russia, not from any other country," said Africom spokesman Chris Carnes.

The same speaker cautioned that Russian aircraft in Libya are operated by inexperienced mercenaries, who do not abide by international law, and are not subject to the laws and traditions in force in armed conflicts.

At the end of last May, AFRICOM said that it had documented with pictures the recent deployment by Russia of 14 warplanes in Libya - MiG-29 and Sukhoi-24 - after being repainted for camouflage, to support the mercenaries of the Russian security company Wagner.

The US military said in a series of tweets that the combat aircraft were led by members of the Russian army, and were accompanied by Russian fighter planes to Libya.

It is noteworthy that Libya is living a political and military split between an internationally recognized government in Tripoli and the Tobruk government that supports Khalifa Haftar.