As of July 1, he was issued a correspondent from Beijing. Since I couldn't go into Beijing right away, I had to go through a two-week forced quarantine in Shenyang, so I made the schedule ahead of my departure.

On June 19th, Incheon International Airport's boarding gate to catch a flight to Shenyang was crowded with Chinese returning home. Since there were only one flight per week from Korea to China, and ten flights per week, it was truly'picking the stars in the sky'. At the time, the corona19 group infection in the Sinpadi market in Beijing was virtually blocked, and it was a severe period when the group spread from Beijing to Hebei, Liaoning, Sichuan, Zhejiang, Henan Province. Wearing a mask was a must, and Chinese passengers wearing face shields and protective clothing were also noticeable.

When arriving at Shenyang Airport, it was the customs officers in protective clothing who welcomed the passengers. They asked the passengers to get on the plane and follow the instructions before they got off. So containment began.

It took 3 hours to get out of the airport. First, I used the mobile phone app to fill in the details of my health status and recent 14 days. Immigration was also difficult because foreigners rarely came to China. In the unlikely event of a loss of contact during the containment period, I asked for the contact information of a Chinese acquaintance living in China, and was tested for corona19 nucleic acid one after another.

When I left the arrival hall, it was the private bus that waited for the party. Under the strict control of customs agents, I shared several buses. The bus was scattered, and my bus arrived at a hotel in over an hour. It was a Corona 19 quarantine only hotel. Here, quarantine workers in Shenyang, armed with protective equipment, also met.

Only after I installed another app on my phone was I assigned a room. Even a family member did not assign a room. The principle of quarantine was that adults cannot live in isolation in one room. Still, the good thing was that minors would share the same room as one of their parents. So I, my wife, and my 13-year-old daughter had to say "unwanted". My wife and daughter decided to use one room, and I decided to use another.

Hotel containment was literally'isolation'. I couldn't go outside for two weeks, or the hotel staff couldn't enter the room. No contact with anyone was allowed. At the time of the meal, hotel staff in protective clothing left their lunch boxes outside the door. When I pressed the doorbell and informed that the lunch box had arrived, it was a way to open a visit and bring a lunch box.

I can't afford to clean the room for two weeks. However, towels and bathroom accessories could be requested at the counter. At this time, when you leave the door outside and press the doorbell to inform, the door is opened and brought in.

It's only twice that you can leave the room for 14 days. This is the time of blood collection and nucleic acid testing to check for corona19 infection.

This is the only time you can meet your family. At this time, as the quarantine officers order, they leave the room one after another, take blood, and have a nucleic acid test. If you are lucky, you can see your family's face when you come out at the same time, and even if there is a time difference, you cannot meet. I checked my family's face once every 14 days. This is because you have to be inspected according to the instructions, and after the inspection, you must return to your room one after another. It is not allowed to ride two people in one elevator at the same time.

I found out when I went back to my room after the inspection, but I couldn't even open a visit with my room key. Only the hotel staff's special key could open the room. This was to prevent them from leaving the door at random. They made it impossible to go back to the room after leaving without permission.

I had to take my body temperature twice a day for two weeks and upload it to the app installed on my phone in advance.

It was a time of tension. This is because, if there is a fever, the road to Beijing can be farther away. As I had to take a thermometer and put it up, I couldn't tolerate it. When I turned on the air conditioner, I had to be careful if I could catch a cold. I had to fill my lack of exercise with bare-handed gymnastics and push-ups.

On the day when it was just two weeks since the hotel was quarantined, taxis lined up in front of the hotel to carry passengers from quarantine to the airport. 'I finally got out of containment,' I realized.

Even now, even if you want to go to China, there are many people who can't get a visa or get a ticket, so many people are experiencing'life farewell' that they can't meet even if they have a family in another country. I felt grateful to be able to get in.