The decisive moment when the government's real estate countermeasures faced the extreme resistance of public opinion was the controversy over the'smart' of key figures from the Blue House, the government, and the ruling party.

Regarding the'bright one', the Citizens' Federation for Economic Justice Practice (hereinafter referred to as'Gyeongsilyeon') recently released the results of a survey of real estate holdings by the Democratic Party's Daseon, a member of the Blue House. Then the objection, "Then what is the future United Party?" Why are the members of the United Party out of the debate? There are not many people who think, "Somehow, members of the United Party will be richer in real estate."

This time, the Gyeongsil Federation analyzed the real estate status of the first parliamentarians, including the Democratic Party and the United Party, this time. In this friendly [Pick Q&A], we will reconstruct the results of Kyung-Sil-Nan's survey from the perspective of'Smart n'.

Q. Who should be the first in the 21st'Real Estate King'?

A. Rep. Baek Jong-heon of the United Party was the No. 1 owner with 17 billion won of real estate. Rep. Kim Eun-hye of the same party ranked second with 16.8 billion won, and Rep. Han Moo-kyung of the United Party ranked third with 13.3 billion won. At the time of real estate registration, Rep. Han Moo-kyung belonged to the Mirae Korean Party, the satellite party of the United Party.

The fourth place was Democratic Party Congressman Kim Hong-geul at 7.6 billion won, ranking first in the Democratic Party. Assemblyman Kim is also a member of the Democratic Party along with the Democratic Party after being elected and is now a member of the Democratic Party.

Of the 300 elected members of the 21st National Assembly, 151 are elected. Kyung-sil Kyun said, "At the time of the candidate registration, we reported real estate with an average of 18.5 billion won per unit of Congress and an average of 7.8 billion won per member of the Democratic Party."

Q.'Controversy about multi-homeowners', how was this time?

A. Of the 151 members of the initial election, 42 were more than two. It was found that 27.8% of the first lawmakers were multi-homeowners.

Kyung-sil Kyung pointed out that "Members with many real estate properties or multi-homeowners should not be assigned to the relevant standing committees such as the National Assembly Committee and the National Land Committee."

Q. Who among the multi-homeowners is the'n smartest n'?

A. It appears that lawmaker Yang Jeong-sook owned three apartments in a'smart area'. When registering for the general election, I reported 1 apartment in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, and 2 apartments in Seocho-gu, Seoul. The reported amount is 3 billion won in total.

At the time of the general election, Yang was elected as a proportional member of the Democratic Party's satellite party, the Citizens' Party, but was later dismissed as a'real estate controversy' and is now an independent party.

Next, Democratic Party Congressman Kim Hong-geul appeared to have two brightly built houses. Each apartment was reported to Gangnam-gu and Seocho-gu, Seoul. In addition, the total of Kim Dae-jung's father, Donggyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, is a total of 3, 7.4 billion won.

Q. Have the members of'Smart One' been investigated?

A. Of the 151 members of the first line,'Gangnam 4-gu (Gangnam·Seocho·Songpa·Gangdong)', which can be seen as a'bright one', had 22 homeowners. Currently, the Democratic Party has 14 members and the United Party has 8 members.

Q. Why did only the first legislators analyze?

A. Re-election Lee, the member of the National Assembly, has already released the property through the National Assembly Gazette and analyzed it several times in [Pick Q&A]. However, for the first-time lawmakers, the property has not been disclosed since the start of the term.

So, this analysis is based on data that each candidate reported to the Central Election Commission at the time of running in March. So far, the status of property changes has not been reflected.

Q. Are there any results of the survey of 300 members of the 21st National Assembly?

A. Members of Congress will register their property with the National Assembly by the end of this month. It is expected that the real estate status of the 21st National Assembly members will be revealed for the first time in August through the National Assembly Gazette.

'News Pick'.