China News Service, Washington, July 17th (Reporter Shahan Ting) U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ginsberg issued a statement on the 17th local time saying that she is currently receiving chemotherapy because of cancer recurrence, but she still "can continue to be competent" "Judge's post.

  The 87-year-old Ginsberg said in a statement that due to cancer recurrence, she began receiving chemotherapy from May 19 this year. She is now progressing smoothly and has shown "positive signs." She is "fully capable" to continue to serve as the Supreme Court Justice and complete the corresponding work.

  Ginsberg was hospitalized with a fever on the 13th of this month and then underwent endoscopic surgery to clean up the bile duct stent implanted in the body last August. Ginsberg is currently discharged. In a statement, she said that the operation had nothing to do with the cancer.

  This cancer recurrence is Ginsburg's fifth fight against cancer. She had surgery to cure colon cancer in 1999, pancreatic cancer in 2009, and two malignant nodules in the left lung by surgery in 2018, and pancreatic cancer was cured again in August 2019.

  In the United States, Ginsberg's physical condition has been widely concerned by people from all walks of life. The important reason is that if Ginsberg retires because of his physical condition, US President Trump will have the opportunity to appoint a conservative justice to replace her. During Trump's tenure, two conservative justices have been appointed. Among the 9 justices of the Supreme Court, there are 5 conservative judges and 4 liberal judges.

  Regarding retirement, Ginsberg said many times, "As long as I can do the job, I will continue to do it."

  The 87-year-old Ginsberg is the oldest of the nine justices and the leader of the liberals. She was appointed by the then US President Clinton as the Supreme Court Justice in 1993, and was the second female judge in American history. Since serving as a justice of the Supreme Court, Ginsberg has been committed to promoting the equality of women and ethnic minorities. (Finish)