NANTES, on 07/10/2013 The tram stop SOUILLARDERIE - Fabrice Elsner

Johanna Rolland, freshly re-elected mayor of Nantes, had made it a strong axis of her electoral campaign. As expected, this Friday, the first decision of the metropolitan council in this new mandate is the drop of 20% in the price of all the unlimited formula subscriptions of Semitan (Nantes urban transport company) from next year .

This formula will drop from 616 euros currently to 492.80 euros on January 1, 2021. The “tailor-made formulas” will also drop. This system was validated and voted unanimously by elected officials this Friday morning.

"It is both a measure in favor of the purchasing power of citizens and users and a concrete response to ecological challenges," explains Nantes Métropole in a press release. This measure is not without financial consequences. It is a shortfall of 8 million euros for the metropolis.

Acquisition of 49 new trams

In addition, during this metropolitan council, the future acquisition of 49 new Alstom trams was approved. “They will replace the old trains between 2023 and 2025 and will also be used to operate line 1 extended from Ranzay to Babinière. "


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