South Korea's Sustainable Case over Japan's Export Control Prospects for WTO Trial July 18, 5:11

Responding to Japan's measures to tighten export control of semiconductor raw materials for South Korea, South Korea again requested the WTO = World Trade Organization to establish a subcommittee, which is a court. It will be approved at the WTO meeting held on 29th of this month, and it is expected that the Japan-Korea conflict will be heard by international organizations.

In July of last year, Japan stipulated that South Korea would violate international trade rules regarding measures to tighten export control to South Korea for three items such as semiconductor raw materials, and in June, an international agency responsible for resolving trade disputes. Filed a lawsuit against the WTO to establish a subcommittee serving as a court.

At the WTO, the response was discussed at a meeting last month, but the Japanese side did not agree that it permitted exports that were confirmed to be safe, and the establishment of the subcommittee was postponed. ..

In response to this, South Korea was asked to install it again, and it will be included in the agenda at the next meeting held on 29th of this month.

The rule is that if a second request is made, it will be approved unless all Member States, including the ones who have filed a lawsuit, have approved it, and according to the WTO, no case has been previously denied. ..

Therefore, it is expected that the Japan-Korea conflict will be heard by the WTO at the next meeting.

However, even if the subcommittee makes a decision, it is unclear whether the hearing will proceed smoothly because the upper committee, which is the second trial, has no members and does not function.