• Exclusive: Corinna claims that Juan Carlos I claimed the money the year he abdicated
  • Basque elections: The PP about to achieve its sixth deputy in Euskadi with the foreign vote that would take EH Bildu

The president of the Popular Party, Pablo Casado, has accused the coalition government of not speaking to the first opposition party for two and a half months and of attacking the Crown to cover up the "major scandal" of the vice president of the Government, Pablo Iglesias, and his assistant's mobile. "The last time Mr. Sánchez called us was on May 4, this in Europe is not believed," he criticized after intervening yesterday in a videoconference of leaders of the European People's Party . And he has assured that "the Government is doing with the Head of State the same as with the Prosecutor's Office , the State Attorney or the CIS ", among other examples and everything "in fullDina case . "

Asked about the latest scandals about King Juan Carlos I, he pointed out that he found it "curious how the Government's attention raises this issue just when a major scandal is on the table." This is how he has defined, "the Dina case , which is the Pablo Iglesias case and can become the Pedro Sánchez case if the Prosecutor's Office continues to help the Vice President of the Government."

He reiterated that the PP's support for "the monarchical institution" and also "for the presumption of innocence and justice." He did not want to describe as "disturbing", as Sánchez did, what is becoming known about Juan Carlos I: "What I find disturbing and disturbing is what the Government is doing."

The PP leader has made these statements after presenting the book by Senator Fernando Martínez-Maíllo edited by Tecnos and entitled The European Central Bank. Reform Proposals . The event was attended by former Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, and the Vice President of the European Central Bank , Luis de Guindos. Married has guaranteed support to the Government in the current European Council , although he has criticized the aforementioned lack of communication. He also assures that Sánchez's statement in the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera against having agreed with the PP for a large coalition to not end up as the Greek Pasok has had an impact . "The problem is not the PP nor the European sphere, nor parliamentary, nor economic, nor the social sphere nor the sphere of anything (...) the problem is with the Government" because "it does not want to agree with the PP because they think that agreeing with the PP they would disappear ".

He also pointed out the lack of confidence generated, in his opinion, by the current Executive, who has approved expenses of 20,000 million in the electoral campaign and "that means that in February with Lombardy already closed, pensions, officials' salaries and the minimum wage and that is something that Europe is asking about. "

For his part, De Guindos has been confident that an agreement will be produced if not this weekend, yes this month and has hoped that the new fund will serve as an embryo "for a European fiscal instrument" that completes the Economic Union and Monetary.

The former economy minister has assured that there is still no reliable estimate on the economic evolution of the Eurozone: "The level of uncertainty is brutal." Casado has asked Sánchez "to negotiate without selling the bear's skin before hunting it and without insulting other countries." And he has advanced that the PP has obtained a sixth seat in the Basque elections at the expense of Bildu.

Rajoy has attended the event without wanting to intervene or speak.

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