At the beginning of July, the police arrested a 34-year-old man on suspicion of sexual offenses against minors in the vicinity of Helsinki's Kannelmäki.

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Police at the time asked for contact from potential victims of harassment or their relatives.

- There have been another ten contacts and they have been reviewed and clarified. Based on the contacts, three new criminal suspicions have emerged, for which a preliminary investigation is in its early stages, Jari Koski, a criminal inspector at the Helsinki Police Department, says in a press release.

Police announced in early July that the suspect had sought to make contact with the occasional confrontation. She has tried to start conversations with the girls and in some cases touched, hugged and videotaped them.

- These suspicions are similar in severity, ie the criminal title will probably be the sexual exploitation of a child or its attempt, Koski continues.

A man with a foreign background has been imprisoned for the most likely reasons for four child sexual exploitations or attempts at sexual exploitation.

Police will continue to investigate the case and the deadline for prosecution is September 3.