Google officially announced changes to its Gmail email software on Wednesday after the update had already leaked the day before. This is a major change to Gmail, where video calling, chat, and file processing, for example, all take place within the same software.

In practice, services such as Chat, Rooms, Meet, Drive, and Docs are merged with the email program. In Google Images, at least Chat, Rooms, and Meet appear as shortcuts in the bottom bar of Gmail's Android and iOS app. The change also applies to the browser version of Gmail, where new selections are displayed below each other on the left side of the screen.

The reform will initially come to paying G Suite users later this year, but Google told The Virge “it is actively thinking about how and when to bring the same experience to those consumers who want it”.

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According to 9to5Google, in the case of Rooms, Google goes further and develops the functionality of the program itself, in addition to just integrating it with Gmail. Rooms is now becoming a more notable competitor to the work community communications app Slack.

With the reform, the user can, among other things, quickly join a video call from the chat, send a message in the chat to himself by e-mail and create a new task from the chat message.

Throughout the services, Google will enable the Do Not Disturb feature, which warns you against contacting the person who turned this setting on. In the future, picture-to-picture video calling will also be possible in Gmail. Picture-in-picture means, for example, that you can watch a video in a small window while doing something else on your device like viewing Gmail mail.