Helicopters, special units and police dogs: the German police have been searching for 'der Wald-Rambo' for days. What do we know about the man who's probably been hiding in the Black Forest for days?

The German police receive a call on Sunday morning from a suspicious local resident. A man with a bow and arrow has been spotted at a shed on the edge of the forest.

Four police officers go to report and find Yves Rausch, an apparently calm man dressed in army clothes. The police ask him to leave the shed, after which he refuses and unexpectedly pulls a gun.

Rausch manages to disarm the agents and quickly flees into the Black Forest. This is a densely wooded area in the southwest of Germany, located on the French border. It is a rough area, which makes the search for the man more difficult. According to Bild, the police are also searching the many caves and bunkers in the area.

To this day, there is no sign of Rausch. "It's likely to be a long search," police chief Reinhard Renter said at a news conference on Tuesday, Merkur said . "The forest is his living room."

Rausch has had no permanent residence or residence since last year. He lives in different places in the forest, which is more than 8.6 square kilometers in size.

Yves Rausch after a previous arrest. (Photo: Polizei Baden Württemberg )

Family and local residents call Rausch harmless

In his hometown Oppenau, which has only five thousand inhabitants, Rausch is described by the majority as a harmless loner according to German media. "He always walked around with a white rat on his shoulder," a man from the city told Focus on Wednesday .

His mother also says that her son is harmless. "Yves is not a violent person and would not hurt anyone. He is polite and friendly. Maybe a little bit different, but he is helpful, creative, sensitive and loves nature," she told Mittbadische Presse.

His aunt, who is afraid that he will not come out of the forest alive, agrees. "They make him a monster he's not," she told RTL .

Immaculate, however, Rausch's past is anything but. He was previously suspected of having a knife and a gun, among other things. In 2010, he was sentenced to 3.5 years in prison for shooting his then girlfriend with a crossbow. Last year he rented a house of which he converted the attic into a shooting range.

Police do not expect political motives

Little is known about Rausch's motives for his flight from the police. In a possible manifesto entitled The Call of the Wilderness , which was left by the man in the shed, he states that "civilized man is opposed to the wild man." He complains that technology enslaved man.

Bild had the manifest analyzed by an expert. He argues that the manifesto is not very problematic in content and that - unlike comparable manifestos - it contains no threats or a call to violence.

According to the police, Rausch has no political motives and no other people are involved in his disappearance. Meanwhile, the search continues unabated. "We have stamina," German police said at a news conference on Thursday, Badische Zeitung reports .