Normally populated by Finns in large numbers, the number one Hungarian GP will be run next Sunday without an audience. Mercedes Valtteri Bottas, who leads the World Championship series, has experienced the GP as his home race.

- Of course, it doesn't feel the same when you are used to seeing so many Finnish flags. I also have a pretty big fan base in Hungary. I miss, hopefully having good, moments sharing with them, Bottas said at Thursday’s media conference.

The first two races of the World Series were run on the same track in Austria. Bottas won the first race, teammate Lewis Hamilton second. Hamilton is already chasing the eighth victory of his career in Hungary, where the track is much slower than Austria.

- This track is slower and there are fewer straight lines. Red Bull has generally been strong on these types of lines, so we can only speculate, Bottas estimates the balance of power.

Kimi Räikkönen, who will lend his car to Robert Kubica during the first rehearsals on Friday, cautiously comments on Alfa Romeo's possibilities in Hungary.

- We have more speed than the results show. A year ago we were good here, but that doesn’t guarantee anything to the present. Let's see, hopefully we will rank a little higher, Räikkönen said.

One chair saw fell next to Bottas

In July-August each year, the accelerating chair play of the upcoming driving spots continued with a good signal from Bottas' point of view. Williams confirmed on Thursday that Canadian Nicholas Latifi and British George Russell will continue as team race drivers in 2021 as well.

Russell, who was shaken by the weakest Williams in the 12th fastest time last weekend, has long been talked about for Bottas ’ball. Russell, 22, has gone through the Mercedes Academy Path.

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Bottas does not yet have a contract with Mercedes for next season. Usually, the extension agreement is only sealed closer to Bottas ’birthdays on August 28th.

Räikkönen's contract is also interrupted, but "Iceman" bored the blade from suppliers' pens.

- You last asked about my sequel last week. I will definitely tell about my future before next season, Räikkönen blurted out.