Thousands of students, parties, thumping music and various different activities. This is what the autumn kick-off at the university usually looks like. But in the shadow of the corona pandemic, it will not be like this this year.

- We are terribly sorry to have to give this message, especially considering that we have looked forward to welcoming everyone, new and old students, to campus in August, says Jonatan Fredriksson.

In the clip, you hear him tell what the kick-in week meant when he had just moved to Jönköping and started at university.

Maybe activities later in the semester

Jönköping University has, just as the trend has been in the rest of the country, had a great search pressure for this autumn's programs and courses. In Jönköping, there are a total of 13 percent more first-time applicants compared with 2019. By the autumn, 3,700 new students have been admitted to a program in the first sample, which is about 700 more than last year. But it will be a more difficult start for them than is usually the case.

- Many of us have put a lot of work into preparing this, so it does not feel good that it will not happen. We will see if the restrictions change during the autumn, if we can have any activities then.