China News Network, Chengdu, July 16 (Wang Peng) The "Healthy Sichuan" reasonable diet special action was officially launched in Sichuan on the 16th. Zhang Lishi, chief expert of the special action and professor of West China School of Public Health of Sichuan University, said that according to the action plan, by 2030, Sichuan Province will be equipped with 1 nutrition instructor for every 10,000 people.

  "With the acceleration of industrialization, urbanization and population aging, the health problems caused by unreasonable diets are increasingly prominent, especially caused by the common chronic diseases such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes, chronic respiratory diseases, etc. The burden of disease is getting heavier." On the same day, Zhang Zhiqiang, Deputy Director of the Food Department of the National Health and Health Commission pointed out that a reasonable diet is the basis of health. Reasonable dietary actions require families, individuals, enterprises, the government and the entire society to act, the most core The mission is to implement the "three reductions" (salt reduction, oil reduction, sugar reduction), and strive to reduce related diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and cancer, and prevent the people from returning to poverty due to illness.

  In this regard, Song Shigui, deputy director of the Sichuan Provincial Health Commission, said that all parts of Sichuan and relevant departments will follow the general requirements of "government promotion, departmental collaboration, social mobilization, and participation of all people", by popularizing nutritional health knowledge, strengthening nutritional health policy support, advocating Reasonable dietary lifestyles with "three reductions" as the core reduce the risk of residents suffering from related diseases.

  On the same day, Zhang Lishi, the chief expert of the special action on reasonable diet and professor of West China School of Public Health of Sichuan University, interpreted the action plan. The plan proposes that by 2030, the growth rate of adult obesity in Sichuan will continue to slow down; the growth rate of children and adolescents’ overweight rate and obesity rate will be effectively contained; the awareness rate of residents’ nutrition and health knowledge will increase by 10% on the basis of 2022; Children's growth retardation rate is less than 5%, anemia rate is less than 10%; pregnant women's anemia rate is less than 10%; qualified iodized salt coverage continues to remain above 90%; adult fat supply ratio drops to 30%; 1 nutrition instructor. (Finish)