The US Secretary of State Pompeo assumed that there is a possibility of'denuclearization progress' so that the third North American summit can be held. It was also distance from the surprise talks before the November presidential election. It is not an easy condition for North Korea to demand a'withdrawal of hostile policy'.

Correspondent Correspondent Seok-Min Son of Washington.


Secretary of State Pompeo has made progress toward denuclearization as a condition of the third North American summit.

[Pompeo/US Secretary of State: President Trump wants to get involved in the summit only if he believes that there is enough potential to make real progress.] As

a criterion for judging progress, a complete and verifiable method will be discussed. I did.

Three days after President Trump said on the 7th that he could hold a third round of talks if it could help, North Korean leader Kim Yeo-jung changed the terms of the dialogue to hostile policy reversals, and the Secretary of State came out and said that American principles remain the same.

Pompeo also responded to Mr. Kim's comments that he expects the summit to not happen this year.

As for the possibility of a surprise meeting before the US presidential election this November, it was in July that I thought it would not be.

Yet, Pompeo repeatedly stressed the need to maintain the framework, saying that the best way to see progress is at the summit.

[Pompeo/US Secretary of State: We hope North Korea will change its mind. We are looking forward to their participation in the conversation so we can reach the right results.]

From the perspective of the Trump administration, concluding that concession to North Korea does not help in the election, it seems that the war between North America and North Korea will continue for some time. 

(Video coverage: Jeongsik Oh, Video editing: Min Kyu Jeon)