Opinion of the party name "Democratic Party" in the case of confluence of the extraordinary board of directors July 16 17:49

At the extraordinary board of directors of the National Democratic Party, which was held over confluence talks with the Constitutional Democratic Party, there were many opinions that the party name should be "Democratic Party" when joining, but Mr. Tamaki is the future response I decided to leave it to Secretary General Hirano.

In response to the proposal by the Constitutional Democratic Party for a new merger, the National Democratic Party held intermittent extraordinary board meetings on 16th to discuss the response.

In this, Secretary-General Hirano explained the proposals of the Constitutional Democratic Party, which dissolved the respective parties to form a new party, and named the party “Constitutional Democratic Party” and the common name and abbreviation “Democratic Party”.

Attendees commented, "I am in favor of disbanding both parties and making a new start."

On the other hand, regarding the party name, there were many opinions that "it should be the "Democratic Party" so that more people can come together."

However, at the board meeting, it was decided that the future response to the confluence discussion would be left to Mr. Tamaki and Mr. Hirano.

History of merging

The beginning of the congressional talks between the Constitutional Democratic Party and the National Democratic Party dates back about a year ago.

In August of last year, the representative of the Constitutional Democratic Party, Mr. Edano, represented the National Democratic Party, Mr. Tamaki, the Social Democratic Party's Mata City leader, and former Prime Minister Noda, who was independent of the Diet, in order to consolidate opposition powers against the ruling party. I called for you to join the parliament.

In response to this, the National Democratic Party and other parties joined the parliamentary debate by joining parliamentary groups in the House of Representatives and Houses from the extraordinary Diet session in the fall.

Then, in December, at the end of the extraordinary Diet session, Mr. Edano will move again. He called for Mr. Tamaki and his colleagues to join the party in the framework of sharing a parliamentary party to seize power.

In response to this, both parties, the Constitutional Democratic Democratic Party and the National Democratic Democratic Party, have started confluence talks between the secretary generals. The two secretary-generals agreed to "join the party", saying they "shared the need to become one party."

In January, representatives of Mr. Edano and Mr. Tamaki had discussions every day and made adjustments, but differences in opinions regarding the party name and policy treatment surfaced.

Mr. Tamaki insisted that the surviving political party be the "Constitutional Democratic Party" and that Mr. The two representatives collectively exchanged opinions for about 12 hours, but they could not agree and the parties decided to abandon the merger for the time being.

Then, late last month when the ordinary Diet closed, the parties will resume talks between the secretary generals. Under the water, the constitutional Democratic Party officially proposed a new plan to the National Democratic Party on the 15th.

The new proposal proposes to dissolve each party and form a new party, and the National Democratic Party has voiced its appreciation.

On the other hand, the party name that has not been agreed so far is "Constitutional Democratic Party", and the National Democratic Party insists that it should be decided through democratic procedures such as voting, so the treatment of party names becomes a focus I will.