There are a lot of homework to be solved in front of the 21st National Assembly, the ruling Iya. Next to the personnel hearing scheduled for next week, there are not a few issues that are not easy, such as recommendation of the chief of criminal investigations, that is, the chief of officials.

Reporter Kim Min-jung.


Until today (16th) morning, one side of the main assembly hall was empty.

Of the 18 standing chairpersons, the last chairman of the information committee was also selected by the ruling party alone.

Not only the United Party but also the Justice Party were absent.

The appearance of the main assembly hall, which held all seats of the opposition party, appeared on the afternoon of the 21st Congress.

[Oath. The pledge to faithfully perform the duties of the National Assembly (I oath it)] The

opening ceremony was held 48 days after the beginning of the 21st National Assembly's tenure, which is the latest opening ceremony since the 1987 constitution.

The Democratic Party plans to proceed with urgent issues from the urgent issue based on the superiority of 176 seats.

[Kim Tae-nyeon/Democratic Party leader of the Democratic Party: I will surely deal with the Real Estate Tax Law and the 3rd Lease Act at the temporary National Assembly in July.] The United

Party is focusing on finding out about the allegations of sexual harassment against Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon.

[Juhoyoung / future integration Majority Leader Party: Democrats hope to immediately respond to the parliamentary investigation, the hearing request, the Committee convened requirements -

now and then hearing that the political situation.

At the hearing, candidate Kim Chang-ryong of the police commissioner asked the United Nations party to question the police and other police officers who had been informed of the alleged sexual assault.

The issue of launching the airborne office that passed the statutory launch date yesterday is also large, and the difference between the opposition parties is too large to see the point of contact at this time.

(Video coverage: Ha Ryong, Video editing: Commissioner Yang)  

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