New York (AFP)

Michelle Obama will launch her own podcast on July 29 exclusively on Spotify, announced Thursday the former First Lady of the United States on his Twitter account, a program fueled by interviews with his relatives.

The online audio platform is making a new marketing move with this exclusivity, which should earn it significant traffic.

Since early 2019, Spotify has spent more than $ 600 million on acquisitions to position itself in the podcast market.

The platform now has both the distribution medium, which has become the first in the world ahead of Apple Podcast, but also the advertising management and the capacity to produce exclusive content.

Already very popular, Michelle Obama caused a sensation with her book "Devenir", published in November 2018 and which has sold more than 11.5 million copies worldwide.

The release of the book was accompanied by a series of conferences that brought together tens of thousands of people in several countries, as well as by a documentary, posted online on Netflix in May.

For what is presented as her first season, "The Michelle Obama Podcast" will consist of a series of interviews between the former First Lady and her relatives, including her mother and her brother, she explained in a video message. .

She did not say whether her husband, former President Barack Obama, would lend himself to the game.

The podcast is produced by the company created in 2018 by the Obama couple, Higher Ground, which has entered into partnerships with Spotify but also Netflix.

A sign both of the attractiveness of Michelle Obama but also of the acceleration of Spotify in podcast advertising, "The Michelle Obama Podcast" has entered into a partnership with the giant of hygiene and cleaning products Procter & Gamble .

Until now, the big brands had invested little in the podcast field, leaving the field to smaller companies with a more modest budget.

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