The “BD Village” will be installed in Saint-Sauveur, in Lille, from July 26 to August 9 (illustration). - M.Libert / 20 Minutes

Lille, temporary capital of the bubble. This Thursday, the Ministry of Culture announced that its "BD Village" would be in Lille the first stage of its tour of France. This traveling event is part of BD 2020, the year of comics.

In 2020, around the world, comics, also known as the 9th art, will be celebrated. In France, there are no less than 721 events around this theme. A busy program which will be extended until June 2021. Due to the coronavirus epidemic, certain actions have indeed been postponed or put online. But this is not the case for the "BD Village" which will be launched in Lille in ten days.

The 9th art in all its facets

It is at the Saint-Sauveur station that this traveling exhibition will be presented for the first time to the public, integrated into the summer programming offered by the city of Lille. Organized by the Ministry of Culture and the National Book Center (CNL), the exhibition "will show the different facets of the 9th art: deciphering the creation of a comic strip, illustrated and explanatory focus on the many genres and styles of comics, and an overall vision of the 9th art around the world. "

In addition, around forty little Lille residents who cannot go on vacation will be able to participate in comic book workshops in the form of a five-day creative workshop led by northern authors Mig and Winoc.

The "BD Village" will leave Lille on August 9 to settle in Brest on September 19 and 20. The third stage will take place in Marseille on October 17 and 18.


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