LDP Aso school held a party that was postponed in the new Corona 23:04, July 16

As the term of office of the members of the House of Representatives expired more than a year ago, the LDP Aso group held a party on the night of Tokyo in Tokyo, which had been postponed due to the spread of the new coronavirus, ahead of other factions.

The Aso School, chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Aso and the Minister of Finance, held a political funding party at a hotel in Tokyo on the night of the 16th, and was attended by Secretary-General Nikai, Chairman Kishida, and former Secretary-General Ishiba.

In this, Mr. Aso stated, "We must have the courage to take on the challenge of change. We want to firmly support the government in the middle of the situation." Emphasizing the idea of ​​supporting the Abe administration through measures such as the new coronavirus countermeasures. did.

He added, "Is the current constitution able to respond to emergencies? A constitutional amendment is the most urgent theme."

On the other hand, Prime Minister Abe sent a video message, "I would like to overcome this national crisis with everyone with a high sense of tension regarding the current infection situation. As the LDP president, I would like to achieve constitutional revision during my term." I said.

At the Aso party, there were restrictions on the number of people to prevent infection, and the food and drink that we do every year were not provided.

With more than a year remaining until the term of office of members of the House of Representatives, other factions of the Liberal Democratic Party are planning to hold parties that have been postponed since September.