China News Agency, Beijing, July 16 (Huang Yuqin) Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying introduced the consensus reached by the Chinese and Philippine foreign ministers in a video conference at a regular press conference on the 16th.

  A reporter asked questions. According to reports, State Councilor Wang Yi held video talks with Philippine Foreign Minister Rochin. The Philippine Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that the talks were open, friendly and fruitful. Can you introduce the specifics of the talks? What consensus has China and the Philippines reached?

  Hua Chunying said that on July 14, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi held video talks with Philippine Foreign Minister Lochin to exchange in-depth views on Sino-Philippine relations, anti-epidemic cooperation and South China Sea issues. As the Philippine side said, the talks are frank and friendly and fruitful.

  She pointed out that both sides have expressed great importance to Sino-Philippine relations and will continue to implement the consensus of the leaders of the two countries. Taking the 45th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations this year as an opportunity to further enhance the friendship and unity between the two countries and deepen the "Belt and Road" cooperation with the Philippines. "Building special construction" planning and docking, promote pragmatic cooperation in various fields, and promote the continuous development of China-Philippines comprehensive strategic cooperative relations for the benefit of the two countries and the region.

  Hua Chunying said that both sides highly appreciate the mutual help and mutual assistance of the two countries to jointly tackle the challenge of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic. They will continue to promote anti-epidemic cooperation, including vaccine research and development, accelerate the establishment of "fast channels" for personnel exchanges, and normalize the prevention and control of the epidemic. Promote economic and social recovery and development under the background. The two sides unanimously opposed the politicization and labeling of the epidemic situation, and supported the international community to unite against the epidemic and overcome the difficulties.

  She emphasized that the two sides also had friendly discussions on the maritime issue and agreed that the maritime dispute is not the whole of Sino-Philippine relations and should not and will not affect Sino-Philippine friendship. The two sides will continue to handle maritime disputes through bilateral friendly consultations based on the principles of mutual respect, honesty and sovereign equality, actively promote maritime cooperation, and jointly maintain peace and stability in the South China Sea. (Finish)