Greta Signs Thousands of Letters to EU Leaders Lettering to Climate Change July 17, 8:02

Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg has released an open letter with the signatures of thousands of citizens, scientists and others, including Nobel Peace Prize-winning Malara Yusufzai and singer Billy Irish. It addressed the heads of alliance member states and called on them to see climate change as a "crisis" and to strengthen its measures.

On Saturday, Greta posted an open letter to the leaders of the EU and 27 Member States on Twitter, urging him to see what the climate and ecosystems face as a "crisis."

On top of that, the EU has a moral responsibility to lead the world in its actions, immediately stopping investment and subsidies in fossil fuels, and based on science, determining the amount of greenhouse gas that each country can emit in a year, He called for advocating that "ecoside", which means large-scale environmental destruction, to be an international crime.

Thousands of citizens and scientists signed the letter, including the youngest 17-year-old Nobel Peace Prize winner Malara Yusufzai, actor Leonardo DiCaprio, and singer Billy Irish. is.

The EU plans to hold a summit meeting from the 17th with the aim of rebuilding the economy hit by the new coronavirus.Mr. Greta said in a letter that it needs to take action to curb the impact of climate change and strengthen measures. Seeking