Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry left the British court at the end of March, accompanied by a great commotion. The couple announced their intention to resign from the front row members of the court in the past and said they wanted to focus on a more normal life in the future.

Since then, the couple has moved home to Los Angeles with their son Archie. The trio is not known to have visited Britain once since last winter. They have also lived very largely hidden from the limelight.

This week, Duchess Meghan momentarily returned to publicity and represented her remotely. According to Harper’s Bazaar, Meghan gave an emotional speech on Tuesday as part of a Girl Up Leadership meeting hosted by the UN charity. According to the magazine, the Duchess's speech gathered to listen to about 40,000 young people around the world. The listeners ranged in age from 13 to 22 and came from as many as 172 countries.

  • You can watch an excerpt from Meghan’s speech in the video of the article!

According to Harper’s Bazaar, Meghan’s speech was unwritten and came straight from the heart. She spoke with devotion to the status of girls and women, gender and racial equality, and the empowerment of young people.

In her speech, Meghan appealed to young people to eradicate cyberbullying and make the digital world a healthier place. He also encouraged young people to participate and influence things that are important to them.

- We are not meant to break up each other, we are meant to strengthen each other. So use your voice both online and offline to do just that - to develop others and support others. Your voices are the voices of truth. And I hope. And your voices should be much louder, Meghan said in his speech.

Michelle Obama, the former first woman in the United States, spoke at the Girl Up Leadership seminar this week before Meghan.

Meghan represented her long hair straight and open on Tuesday. Her makeup had also undergone a change.

Photo: Girl Up / The Duchess of Sussex

According to Harper’s Bazaar, Meghan also spoke to young people in June when she gave a virtual speech to graduates of her former high school. At that time, however, the audience of young women was considerably smaller.

Meghan was wearing a blue, sleeveless blouse for Tuesday’s speech. Several international newspapers immediately reported that Megan's style had undergone a clear shift from royal representation. Hello! the magazine pointed out that the Duchess's dark, long hair had been straightened and, when open, landed briskly below her shoulders.

In addition, Meghan’s lips glistened with lip gloss and her dark-speaking Smokey eye-style eye makeup was stronger than before.

The essence and style of the Duchess was more reminiscent of Meghan Markle, who she had worked as an actress in Los Angeles before her marriage to Prince Harry.

Meghan in 2014. At the time, she was working as an actress.

Photo: Nancy Rivera

The Brittihov etiquette is known to be very strict and expects royals to have a certain kind of dress and use in representational duties. For example, women should always wear tights and not tolerate miniskirts. The nail polish, on the other hand, should be neutral in color, not flashy or too dark. Also, the makeup is often subduedly classic and well-groomed, but at the same time quite inconspicuous.

At royal representations, Meghan relied on court etiquette. She was often seen in a hat, her hair was closed and she was dressed in stylish outfits.

Photo: Tolga Akmen

Insider magazine pointed out earlier this month that Meghan’s style would seem to be experiencing change now that she is focusing on a more ordinary life. According to the magazine, she has dressed in very casual outfits and avoided formal attire as well as held video conferences with almost no makeup. The Duchess has also been seen in more affordable outfits, costing a few tens.

Meghan was also seen at court receptions at times with her hair open. However, they were usually curly.

Photo: ZUMA Press

Meghan last March in London.

Photo: Stephen Lock