• Ok House final to the Relaunch decree, now it passes to the Senate
  • Revival decree, the vote of confidence rewards the government: 318 yes, 231 no. Today the final vote
  • Raising: Wednesday in the Chamber of Deputies for Trust
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July 16, 2020 The relaunch decree has been definitively approved and becomes law. The Senate confirmed the government's confidence in the measure with 159 votes in favor, 121 against and no abstention. Approved in the Chamber on 9 July and expiring on Saturday 18, it foresees measures worth 55 billion euros to limit the economic impact of the health emergency on companies and workers with VAT number, on employees, families and the third sector. The text allocates € 155 billion in terms of net balance to be financed and € 55 billion in terms of indebtedness which add to the € 25 billion allocated with Cura Italia, and another € 26 billion for 2021.

Here are the measures
approved in the Chamber last July 9 and expiring on Saturday 18 July, the heart of the decree are themeasures to support families and businesses that strengthen what was already contained in the previous provision presented by the government. The commitment to the health system is growing . Sixteen billion are destined for the Redundancy Fund and for wage integration tools. The allowances for self-employed workers are confirmed and extended and the emergency income for families in difficulty is introduced and the deadline for the suspension of layoffs is extended. Parental leave and babysitting vouchers are strengthened and can also be used for summer camps. In addition, the days for assistance to disabled family members are increasing . Funds are provided for disability assistance and services. There are also incentives for scrapping cars also for those who buy € 6 or the extension of the superbonus on green renovations also to second homes.

Among the interventions in support of businesses, the allocation of approximately € 4 billion for the cancellation of the balance and Irap advance payment in June . An intervention for companies with turnover up to 250 million euros. As additional support to the liquidity of the companies, for which 34 billion have been allocated for the guarantees of Sace and for the refinancing of the SME Fund, 12 billion of liquidity is allocated to Regions and local bodies for the payment of the debts of the PA towards the providers. Safeguard clauses on VAT and excise duties have been

definitively eliminated since 2021 . The extension to 2033 of the state-owned maritime concessions on which the State Accounting Office, before the approval of the text in the Chamber, had made observations was also limited . The extension concerns only the beaches and not also any concessions near rivers and lakes. Among the latest novelties of the decree is the confirmation that smart working in the PA will continue massively until the end of the year, and then proceed with an overall plan to reorganize all the tasks that can also be carried out remotely. The extensions of concessions for airports and street vendors also find space . To promote tourism, alongside the holiday bonus , there will also be a month of free trains and museums for university students. News also for trips skipped because of the epidemic: those who had a voucher can spend it for a year and a half and if in the end they have not used it, they will be entitled to a cash refund. The adjustment of the invalidity pensions for the total disabled arrives  from 285 to at least 516 euros. EcoBonus 2020 extension The EcoBonus 110% is extended until June 30, 2022 only for energy efficiency interventions for social housing houses. It will be possible to benefit from the deduction only for interventions carried out on a maximum of two real estate units, without prejudice to the recognition, without limitations, of the same deductions for interventions carried out on the common parts of the building. Invalidity pensions The proposal by Giorgia Meloni of FdI, also signed by all the other parliamentary groups, to set up a special fund to increase the amount of civil disability checks to at least 516 euros (equal to one million lire) also passes. Smart working PA Minister Fabiana Dadone exults: "The revolution is underway", he assures, underlining how the approved proposal introduces the 'Agile work organizational plan' (Pola), with which "from 1 January 2021 the percentage will rise to at least 60% ". Refund Voucher Refund right for travel and holidays, but also for concerts and events at the end of the validity of the voucher (18 months) if the date should skip. The text provides for a refreshment fund of 10 million. School The Matching Fund rises to 300 million, doubling the initial figure. "The public school is state and equal and our educational system, especially at this moment, needs everyone. Well, that's right," comments the deputy minister Anna Ascani. Summer camps The new text expands the age group of beneficiaries which was originally from 3 to 14 years and is now from 0 to 16 years. Telephony New powers to the Antitrust Authority which may "order, even as a precautionary measure" the "removal of initiatives or activities intended for Italian consumers and disseminated through telematic or telecommunication networks that integrate the extremes of an incorrect commercial practice". Fines of up to 5 million are foreseen "in case of non-compliance" by operators. Car incentives

With an amendment requested by Pd, Iv and Leu, as well as for hybrid and electric cars, there will be incentives of 3,500 euros in case of scrapping a vehicle with over 10 years of life for the purchase of Euro 6 cars with limits of emissions between 61 and 110 grams per kilometer. Up to € 10,000 to switch to hybrid or full electric.

leave The 30-day parental leave, paid at 50%, for parents of children up to 12 years has been extended until August 31st.

Go ahead with the government's favorable opinion, to the proposal that officially indicates Bergamo and Brescia as Italian capitals of culture for 2023.

M5s: fundamental measure to relaunch agriculture and fishing
“In the Relaunch Decree we pay particular attention to the agriculture sectors, fisheries and aquaculture. These supply chains have represented in recent months the strength and resilience that our country has had in facing the emergency ". This was stated by Senators M5s of the Senate Agriculture Commission." Among the measures included in the relaunch decree, the exemption from 10 January 2020 to 30 June 2020 from the payment of social security and welfare contributions for certain agricultural sectors, such as agritourism, beekeeping, brassiculture, cereal, floriculture, vitiviniculture, breeding, horse breeding, fishing and aquaculture " .