The Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet reported on the increased desire of Swedes to apply for Finnish citizenship. Jouni Laaksonen, Minister of the Finnish Embassy in Stockholm and Deputy Head of Mission, tells the newspaper that there have been about 300 applications this year, which is twice as many as usual.

- We do not really know the reason for this, but I would think it is due to the coronavirus and the travel restrictions imposed on it. It may be that many people think that they need Finnish citizenship to enter the country, Laaksonen tells Aftonbladet.

According to Laaksonen, many of the applicants have previously had Finnish citizenship, but they have lost it when they acquired Swedish citizenship. Since 2003, Finland has allowed dual citizenship, so applicants can regain their Finnish citizenship.

However, he reminds that Finnish citizenship is not a precondition for entering the country, but a good enough reason is a sufficient explanation. For example, it is allowed to attend weddings or funerals, come to work or travel to a social partner.

In that case, however, the two-week quarantine rule applies, in which case unnecessary contacts should be avoided. You can visit the shop and the pharmacy. Laaksonen admits that it is easier to travel from Finland to Sweden than the other way around. The border guard cannot prevent the country from leaving the country.

However, Laaksonen reminds that, for example, visiting the Moomin World or sightseeing is not a necessary activity, and Swedes should not do it.

- We hope that the situation will improve soon so that we can end controls at the Swedish border. The policy is valid until August 11, and the government will discuss the future during July, Laaksonen says.