Thirty firefighters intervened after the accident. Drawing. - Elisa Frisullo / 20 Minutes

A young volunteer firefighter was slightly injured Wednesday evening during an intervention in Melun (Seine-et-Marne) by the driver of a two-wheeler to whom she was justly helping, we learned on Thursday .

Firefighters and the national police intervened around 7 p.m. in a district of the city following the accident of a scooter driver, who had fallen alone. The 19-year-old, already known to the police and who was driving without a helmet, was brought into the rescue and assistance vehicle for firefighters for examination, said a police source.

In custody

During his treatment, "twenty individuals, at the request of the father of the victim", himself on the scene, "took part" the ambulance and the police, said the firefighters. "Virulent and vehement", the driver tried to get out of the vehicle, injuring the young firefighter and jostling a police officer, continued a police source, which specifies that tear gas was used to allow the vehicle, damaged by some individuals, to escape from the crowd. The driver and his father were arrested and taken into police custody.

The firefighter, "shocked and bruised on the arm", received two days of total incapacity for work (ITT), said the firefighters. Tuesday evening in Etampes (Essonne), a firefighter was wounded by a calf bullet while he was intervening to extinguish a vehicle fire. His minor injury raised the issue of the safety of firefighters, who were regularly attacked during their mission. Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin visited Etampes on Wednesday and an investigation was opened by the Evry prosecution. The profession, indignant, denounced an “intolerable first”.


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