German Mona Nemmer, 35, leads the Liverpool Premier League team with a 20-employee nutrition team responsible for eating the group that recently won the championship.

Nemmer revealed to the German newspaper Bild what he would recommend to ordinary people for breakfast. He emphasizes the importance of breakfast in getting the energy of the day.

- Refuel in the morning for the whole day. Everyone has their own breakfast. For those who want to get something warm on their stomach, porridge is perfect. Oatmeal can simply be soaked in hot water or cooked in a casserole. Porridge can be supplemented with fruits and nuts, Nemmer says.

- Oatmeal provides energizing carbohydrates and hunger-satisfying fiber. Fruits bring vitamins to the body and nuts provide unsaturated fatty acids as well as essential amino acids.

Bild says there are as many as 20 different muesli ingredients on the Liverpool breakfast table to suit players ’varying tastes. For Mattimeikäläinen, Nemmer recommends muesli, the ingredients of which can be counted with the fingers of one hand and which does not have too much sugar.

- I like to make oatmeal with fresh porridge along with dried or fresh fruit. Fresh porridge is obtained by letting the oat flakes simmer overnight, for example in almond milk. Thus, the flakes become easier to digest and the minerals are better absorbed, Nemmer suggests.

Nemmer is a master of nutrition and a trained chef who was in charge of feeding the German youth national teams until he was hired by coach Pep Guardiola to Bayern Munich in 2013. Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp grabbed Nemmer for himself in 2016.

Guardiola is currently coaching Manchester City, which is finishing second behind Liverpool in the still-ongoing season of the Premier League.