If you like to put domestic strawberries in the frost for the winter, you should act soon, especially in southern Finland.

- Here (in the south) the main strawberry harvest season begins to turn from the peak harvest towards the end. Now it is worth getting the berries in the freezer, says Tomi Pousi, an expert at the Fruit and Berry Farmers' Association.

However, there are still enough strawberries for sale for a long time to look at the situation in the whole country.

For example, in the case of North Savo or North Karelia, the harvest season is at its best right now.

Home didn’t have time to ruin the strawberry crop

The main strawberry harvest season usually lasts 3-4 weeks. The success of the harvest season is strongly linked to the weather.

The heat of June was followed by a rainy and humid period in early July, during which it was difficult to pick strawberries.

- If there is a lot of moisture, there will be more problems, because mold reduces the quality of the berry, Pousi says.

However, Home did not have time to ruin the strawberry harvest this year. The current rainy season was desirable not only for strawberries, but also for open raspberries. Open raspberries begin to ripen within a week, two.

This summer has been ideal for the strawberry harvest:

- Suitable heat and moisture have been obtained, Pousi sums up.

The price of strawberry strawberries at the level of previous summers

At Lahti Market Square, a liter of strawberry costs 4 euros. The price of a liter of organic strawberry is 6 euros.

- A five-kilo box is 35 euros, three boxes are available for 100 euros, says market owner Timo Arasola.

- If you want organic, a five-kilo box costs 55 euros.

In Arasola's experience, the price level is the same as in previous years.

- There are a lot of strawberries on offer. Some days the sale is out of stock. Some customers buy up to ten boxes at a time, Arasola says.

According to market supervisor Julius Karlsson, a liter of strawberries costs 5–6 euros at the Turku market square. A five-kilo box costs 39-42 euros per seller.

- Strawberry price is slightly more expensive than in early summer, when the box cost € 35-39, but the extent of what I have been talking with the sellers, the price is no different from previous years, Karlsson says.

At Tampere's Tammelantori, a liter of strawberry costs 5 euros. The price of a five-kilogram box is 20–35 euros.

Market supervisor Janne Saksala thinks that the strawberry harvest season in Pirkanmaa is at its best right now.

- The next couple of weeks are probably the best of the year in terms of strawberry sales. There is plenty to sell, Germany says.

In Kuopio, the price per liter of strawberry is also 5 euros. The price of a five-kilo box is 30–35 euros, depending on the quality.

Market supervisor Johannes Teppo says that prices in Kuopio are also at last year's level.

- Farmers said that the winter had time to do some frost damage to this year's strawberries, but fortunately major damage was avoided, Teppo says.

- That looks good. And most of all it tastes good, the market supervisor laughs.