According to the prosecutor, with the help of a Dutch police infiltrator, a batch of nearly one hundred kilos of amphetamines coming to Finland in early spring was revealed. The drugs were seized in the Netherlands near the German border, and the consignment was replaced with similar-looking packages. In addition to drugs, the phone was confiscated from the courier. For the police continued to communicate with a Finnish man who, according to the prosecutor, was waiting for drugs to come to Finland.

According to the KRP, the man is a member of the angels of Hell. According to the prosecutor, the batch that came to Finland contained a total of 96 kilos of amphetamine of at least 63%.

According to the prosecutor, the police who used the courier's phone agreed with a Finnish man to deliver drugs to Helsinki's Vuosaari harbor. The car arrived in Finland in March and was parked near the hotel. The Finn got directions to him, transferred the packages loaded in blue Ikea bags to his own car and drove to the industrial hall in Tuusula.

According to the prosecutor, the man left the packages in the office of the industrial hall and left. Another Finnish man arrived at the scene with his own key. This dealt with the packages in the bags, according to the prosecutor. There is evidence of the processing, as the Dutch police had put motion sensors on them during the seizure and replaced the drugs with fake packages, the prosecutor says.

The duo later met at a nearby store where they were arrested by police. The prosecutor is demanding absolute imprisonment for them in a trial that began in the Uusimaa District Court in Hyvinkää on Wednesday.

Defense: Criminal civilian protester with Dutch police

Defendants deny charge of amphetamine batch. They said they had nothing to do with drugs. The man who applied for the packages admits that he visited the car and took the packages to the industrial hall, but denies that they should have contained drugs.

The men's defenses criticized the covert action of the Dutch police, and some of the evidence is required for a ban on exploitation. According to the other accused lawyer, Jukka Juusela, the evidence was obtained illegally and it is a criminal civilian intruder. According to Juusela, the infiltrator has entered into an agreement with the Dutch prosecutor that his crimes will be viewed through the fingers.

- (This) is not allowed under Finnish law, Juusela says.

According to Juusela, the civilian cellist has also been the one who has taken the initiative to commit a drug crime. The crime would not have arisen without the actions of the civilian intruder, he says.

- A fair trial will not take place if evidence generated by criminal provocation can be used.

"I exercise my right not to respond"

The men were interrogated several times after the March arrest. According to the KRP, the man who had picked up the fake packages, one of the hellish angels, refused to comment almost entirely on the investigation during police interrogations.

- I exercise my right not to answer.

- I will not answer.

- Nothing to say, he repeated the question one after another.

However, to the question of the angels of hell, the man answered a little more verbatim.

- I exercise my right not to answer, but I would point out that this is a motorcycle club and not a gang.

Based on police pre-trial material, the man had been confiscated from the vests of Hell's angels and a poster and invitation referring to group membership.

The third Finnish suspect was extradited to the Netherlands

According to the prosecutor, in addition to amphetamine, 10 kilograms of hashish, nearly 37 kilograms of dynamite, hundreds of cartridges, several weapons and parts of weapons were found in the men's possession. Men are required to be punished for aggravated drug offenses, explosive offenses, aggravated firearms offenses and possession of a dangerous object.

The men deny the charges for the most part.

The preliminary investigation carried out in Finland was part of an operation by the Dutch authorities to investigate the import of amphetamine from the hellish angels into Britain and Finland, among other places. In the Netherlands, several people are suspected of crimes, some of whom belong to the Angels of Hell or its subgroups, the Red Devils.

In addition to the duo now being prosecuted, a third man was also arrested in Finland, who according to the authorities is a full member of the hellish angels in Finland.

About fifty men are suspected of aggravated money laundering and aggravated drug crime. The man has been handed over to the Dutch authorities and will be prosecuted in the Netherlands.