The accident occurred Tuesday, near the town of Cesky Brod, east of Prague - HANDOUT / POLICE CR / AFP

Train driver killed and dozens of passengers injured Tuesday evening when passenger train hit stationary freight train near Prague, presumably after ignoring red light, Czech Transport Minister announced and emergency services. "Unfortunately, we have learned that there is one dead," Transport Minister Karel Havlicek said on public television.

According to the emergency services, it is the driver of the passenger train which was more than a hundred people. "He was found lifeless in his destroyed cabin," says their website. Karel Havlicek went on to say on Czech radio that the driver had likely ignored a red light.

Two accidents in a few days

The accident occurred shortly after 6.30 p.m. Tuesday, near the town of Cesky Brod, located some 30 km east of Prague on a widely used rail link between Prague and the east of the country. Two of the injured are seriously injured, the minister said. According to the emergency services, eight other seriously injured and 25 more lightly injured people were hospitalized.

Na místě srážky vlaků.

- Vojtěch Gibiš (@VojtechGibis) July 14, 2020

Last week, two people were killed and around 20 others injured in a railway accident, which occurred on July 7 between two regional trains near Karlovy Vary some 120 km west of Prague, near the German border. Several other minor incidents were reported the same week on the Czech railways.


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