Pepe Lehto from Tampere was just returning from Pyhäjärvi from rowing when the police asked for his help.

- The police shouted that the boater, can you come here, here the police, Lehto says.

Retired, fishing for his own pleasure, Lehto rowed to the police waiting on the beach. Police asked him to first pick him up and then row him toward a boat escaping from office.

Police had previously received information about a task in which at least one sauna board had been visited by thieves. According to the information received by the authority, the suspected thieves would be near Rantaperkiö marina.

When the patrol arrived at the scene from the beach, three people fled into the waters in a rowing boat. The patrol ordered them to come back, but they disobeyed.

So the police, ridden by Lehto, went to row them.

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- When the police said that they should be caught, I then went rowing, Lehto describes.

He says he noticed the boat in the waters even before police told him what it was all about. At that time, however, he could not suspect that it was a boat escaping from the police.

- Yes, I saw that a boat went there on the lake, but I couldn't pay any attention to it before the police then told me that another boat should be caught.

Before the chase, Lehto had had time to row in Pyhäjärvi for eight to ten kilometers.

- I guess it says that I may not be able to row in a terribly fast way at this stage, he says.

Before the chase, Lehto had already rowed in Pyhäjärvi with his Heidi boat for eight to ten kilometers.

Photo: Reijo Hietanen

- But yes, we caught that boat just fine. Of course, if it had been the first rowing, the places could have been stuck after rowing.

Lehto says he has not experienced anything like this before. Despite this, he knew how to act quickly in the situation.

- There was nothing more miraculous about it. It just happened. I thought yes they would catch it. I Soudan and the authorities take care of the rest.

After Lehto caught the escape boat, the police on board caught the rope in the boat and towed the boat to shore. The suspected thieves were then taken to the police station.

In all the hurry, Lehto's contact information was left unsolicited from the police. So the police issued a bulletin asking the rower to contact the authorities so the authorities could send him thanks.

Lehto heard about the police's request to contact his daughter's husband.

- Eldest daughter a man wrote to me that I have reached the newspaper and me needed.

Lehto had already told his wife about what had happened before, but his three daughters only heard about what had happened after the media reported on the topic.

- After all, they were amazed that the police want to thank me publicly, Lehto describes the reaction of his daughters.

- It's not everyday that some are paddled, he decides.