China News Service, July 15 (Xinhua) According to foreign media reports on the 15th, there were multiple knife attacks in the southern city of Sarpsborg (Sarpsborg), injuring three people, one of whom died of serious injuries. In the early hours of the 15th local time, the police arrested a man.

  According to reports, several murders involving knives have occurred in many places in Salpsburg, including a parking lot. Another victim was attacked while watching TV with her husband at home, when the attacker knocked on the door and broke in, and then stabbed him.

  The video showed the helicopter hovering over the city center, and the police told people: "Stay at home."

  In the early hours of the 15th local time, a man was arrested by the police. Police said there was no indication that more people were involved in the attack, and the reason for the attack was unclear.