Mika Salo gives a hard assessment of Valtteri Bottas' future in Wednesday's Helsingin Sanomat.

Motorsport sources said as early as the week that Bottas' extension agreement with Mersu has already been agreed. Confirmation of strong rumors has not yet been received, but former F1 driver Salo keeps the game clear.

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- He drives so well that there is no better place to replace him. There are no other drivers who can beat Hamilton, Salo told HS.

Mersun Ykköskuski is six-time world champion Lewis Hamiton, who won the second World Championship of the season last weekend in Austria. However, Bottas leads the World Series as he won the first race and came in second in the second.

Hamilton collapsed in the opening race two weeks ago in fourth, partly due to a time penalty and starting screen penalties. Bottas drove convincingly from pole to victory.

Salo thinks that the race for Mercedes' number one driver will intensify during the season.

- If you can beat another evenly all the time, yes, it will turn the other way pretty quickly, Salo said in HS.

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The next F1 race will be run next weekend in Hungary.

World Cup situation after two races

The drivers

1) Bottas 43, 2) Hamilton 37, 3) Norris 26, 4) Leclerc 18, 5) Perez 16, 6) Verstappen 15, 7) Sainz Jr. 13, 8) Albon 12, 9) Gasly 6, 10) Stroll 6, 11) Ocon 4, 12) Ricciardo 4, 13) Giovinazzi 2, 14) Kvjat 1, 15) Vettel 1.


1) Mercedes 80, 2) McLaren 39, 3) Red Bull 27, 4) Racing Point 22, 5) Ferrari 19, 6) Renault 8, 7) AlphaTauri 7, 8) Alfa Romeo 2.

Next race

19.7. Hungarian GP (Hungaroring).