Police arrested an armed man in Piikkiö, Kaarina, late Tuesday, police in southwestern Finland said. The capture took place in the terrain at eleven o'clock in the evening.

Commissioner Marko Luotonen told BTI that the man born in 1963 had been arrested. According to Luotonen, the man did not shoot with a gun.

The police received the report at 8 pm, but the arrest did not take place until about 11 pm. According to Luotonen, an armed person was wanted during that time.

According to Luotonen, the capture went calmly. There were several patrols, an airplane and a better-protected car on site.

Luotonen did not comment on why the man was armed.

- Ultimately, the reason is clear in the investigation, but there was no danger to outsiders, he says.

Arrested on suspicion of a serious firearms offense, according to police.