- When you lock in new players, you can count on four losses, but in the long term we sort it out, says Nanne Bergstrand coach Kalmar FF.

Rasmus Elm has flagged for entry. In case of crisis, will he play in the match against Hammarby?

- It is not relevant. He has other tasks. It may happen at a later time.

Goalkeeper Lucas Hägg Johansson believes that Kalmar should have had more points with them from previous matches.

Kalmar FF's goalkeeper Lucas Hägg Johansson Photo: Niclas Wimmerberg / SVT

- We have played very well at times and and I think there is a huge desire for revenge in the team right now, he says.

What is it really like to play without an audience?

- It is clear that we miss everyone who usually comes here, it will be a completely different experience and setting with an audience, says Lucas Johansson Hägg.

Nanne Bergstrand, however, sees some advantages in playing without an audience?

- We who are leaders, it is easier to direct the matches and get the message out in a completely different way as you may have to wait until half time in normal cases, then the audience is a part of football clearly, says Nanne Bergstrand.