• Killed in 'emotional storm', attempts suicide in prison
  • Femicide, 'emotional storm': from the Cassation to no mitigating circumstances
  • Killed woman in the throes of "emotional storm", Pg Bologna resorts to the Court of Cassation
  • Killed woman in emotional storm, punishment halved from 30 to 16 years


15 July 2020Confirmed the 30 years inflicted in the first instance by the Rimini court gup to Michele Castaldo, accused for having killed, strangling her, the ex Olga Matei in Riccione in 2016.

It is the decision of the Court of Appeal of Bologna in the new second instance trial ordered after the annulment, by the Cassation, of the controversial sentence that cited the 'overwhelming emotional storm' to grant generic extenuating circumstances and, consequently, reduce the sentence to 16 years. A motivation that provoked several controversies in its time and that instead the Court rejected.

The Bologna Public Prosecutor's Office therefore asked for confirmation of the first instance sentence, that is, the 30-year sentence for Castaldo, 57, guilty of the murder of Olga Matei, 46, a Moldovan order with whom he had had an affair .

It is the appeal bis, after the postponement of the Cassation, of the case become famous for the "emotional storm", the expression of the psychiatric expert mentioned in the motivations of the first appeal sentence which halved, bringing it to 16 years, the penalty of Castaldo , giving him the generic extenuating circumstances. Then, after the appeal of the General Prosecutor, the Cassation annulled by ordering a new judgment. 

"The phrase, with an almost literary flavor, if extrapolated from the robust argument made by the expert, Professor Renato Ariatti, means absolutely nothing in terms of legal evaluation. It simply means that the accused acted angrily." So the deputy pg Valter Giovannini in his indictment referred to the expression "overwhelming emotional storm" mentioned in the grounds of the sentence of the first appeal process which halved the sentence for the accused.