Provocative upgrade! Foreign media: The US declared that it would impose visa restrictions on Huawei

  [Global Network Reporter Liu Yang] US provocation escalated! According to multiple foreign media sources, US Secretary of State Pompeo just announced that the United States will impose sanctions on some Huawei employees. He also announced that Washington will announce the implementation of new visa restrictions on technology companies such as Huawei later on the 15th.

  Earlier, Pompeo declared that the United States expressed "welcome" to the ban on Huawei in the United Kingdom. His latest statement on the 15th declared that the British move would help protect the safety of the Trans-Atlantic.

  From various standpoints, the US's fear of Huawei has reached an incredible level.

  In response to Trump's claim on the 14th that he personally persuaded many countries to ban Huawei, the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said on the 15th that this once again proves that the decision to ban Huawei has nothing to do with national security, but a highly politicized manipulation. It also shows the world again that it is not China but the United States that threatens, threatens, and instigates everywhere.