In a drug case related to the angels of Hell in the Netherlands, a trial will begin today in the District Court of Eastern Uusimaa in Hyvinkää. The prosecution has two Finnish men suspected of receiving nearly a hundred kilos of amphetamine.

The drug seizure took place in early March in the Netherlands near the German border. During the arrests and seizures made by the Dutch authorities, the police seized 86 kilos of amphetamine from a passenger car suspected of coming to Finland. Later, another 10 pounds of amphetamine was found in stock. In addition, a telephone with the information of the suspect consignee in Finland was seized.

The KRP, together with the Dutch authorities, organized a joint operation to find out the recipient of the drug.

- Due to the issues that arose during the operation, we suspect that the drug recipients were born in 1976, according to the authorities, a full Finnish member of the Hell's Angels and his suspected accomplice born in 1984, Kimmo Sainio from KRP told the press.

In connection with the arrests, 9 kilograms of hashish, 38 kilograms of explosives and a considerable number of firearms, firearm parts and ammunition were seized, KRP said.

The third Finnish suspect was extradited to the Netherlands

The preliminary investigation carried out in Finland was part of an operation by the Dutch authorities to investigate the import of amphetamine from the hellish angels into Britain and Finland, among other places. In the Netherlands, several people are suspected of crimes, some of whom belong to the Angels of Hell or its subgroups, the Red Devils.

The Finnish duo were charged with two serious drug offenses, two possession of a dangerous object, a serious firearms offense and an explosive offense.

In addition to them, a third man was arrested in Finland, who according to the authorities is a full member of the hellish angels in Finland.

About fifty men are suspected of aggravated money laundering and aggravated drug crime. The man has been handed over to the Dutch authorities and will be prosecuted in the Netherlands.