On the instructions of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Igor Krasnov, the Orenburg Oblast Prosecutor’s Office checked the actions of the guardianship and trusteeship authorities, as well as the police regarding the lawfulness of the removal of four children from the mother of many children Alena Lichtenwald from the village of Tulip.

Previously, a woman posted on the network a video in which the guardianship forces forcefully tear a child out of her hands, and subsequently police officers handcuffed her.

“As the inspection showed, minors were selected from the family by order of the head of the district administration, citing improper care and accident rate in the house in which the family lives. This decision was made in violation of the requirements of the Family Code of the Russian Federation, since there was no immediate threat to life and health, ”the press service of the Prosecutor General said.

Due to inadequate work in the field of ensuring the legitimate interests of the family and the rights of minors, the vice-governor and the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Orenburg Region have been presented with the idea of ​​eliminating violations of the law.

In addition, guilty officials are held disciplined. The head of the Dombarovsk district Valery Shvindt was dismissed. 

Scandalous seizure

Earlier, RT told how in early June, 26-year-old Alyona Lichtenwald and her husband 32-year-old Nikolai Samoroka posted a video of the removal of children.

The footage shows how guardianship officers literally tear a crying child out of the hands of the mother, and after that the police officers handcuffed her.

According to the spouses, the reason for the seizure was poor housing conditions.

As explained by RT Nikolay Samoroka, they planned with his wife to make repairs in the house using maternity capital, but officials forbade the use of this money. In addition, according to the man, in January he had a conflict with the doctors of the local hospital - the nurse was not able to diagnose pneumonia in the child at the time. Samoroka wrote a complaint about the negligent attitude of the physician, and then, according to him, officers of the guardianship authorities frequented them.

However, the paramedic of the local hospital, Gulzhan Suleymanova, insisted on a different version of the events. According to her, the parents “started” the child’s health and did not allow him to be examined, so the child got into intensive care with pneumonia. Suleimanova also accused Lichtenwald of poor child care, supposedly a mess always reigned at their place, and the children went in crowded diapers.

In addition, as the paramedic assured, during the examination, she noticed a print of a palm on the eldest girl’s chest and red stripes on her back from being struck by a thin strap.

However, there was no documentary confirmation of the words of the paramedic about the beatings. And the head doctor of the Orsk Specialized Orphanage Specialized Healthcare Facility, where the children arrived after the seizure, noted that the babies had no pronounced signs of neglect.

New house

After a wide response, the regional prosecutor’s office began a check. A criminal case has been instituted against employees of guardianship authorities under Part 1 of Art. 293 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation “Negligence”. In addition, a check is carried out on the fact of fraudulent activities when using maternity capital funds. According to preliminary data, the cost of the house was overstated.

Also, according to the local ombudsman, "a large number of businessmen, social partners and other persons" expressed a desire to repair the spouses' house at their own expense.

Despite this, as Denis Terskov, a member of the Public Chamber of the Orenburg Region, told RT, home repair did not begin.

“Everyone came, looked, promised, and that was it. However, a family from Yekaterinburg helped the family. They bought a house in Orsk many times larger than the previous one, with a good repair. I helped them arrange transportation for the move. So now they are doing well, ”said RT Terskov.

As RT previously reported, children were returned to spouses on June 19 after the decree of the head of the Dombarovsky district was canceled.

A statement of the education department of the district administration regarding the restriction of Lichtenwald's parental rights was also withdrawn from the court. A check is carried out on the fact of abuse of authority by the police when seizing children.

The results of the due diligence and criminal investigation are under control of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation.