French gaming house Ubisoft seems to be swaying from storm to second and third. The company, which is struggling with allegations of abuse, failed with its free offer for Watch Dogs 2 and now the game’s successor, Watch Dogs: Legion, was also in turmoil.

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The game news site Kotaku notes that the Legion's promotional video uses a modified version of the famous poem First Came (Als die Nazis die Kommunisten Holten…), written by the German theologian Martin Niemöller. In his poem, he criticized indifference to the persecution perpetrated by the Nazis and warned that one day such inaction could take revenge. When you finally knock on your own door, there may no longer be anyone left to speak for the persecuted.

Now, however, this same Holocaust-reminiscent poem was adopted as a marketing tool for video games, exchanging some words.

The promotional video and Ubisoft’s recent behavior in general have provoked a lot of protest. Such is presented, among other things, by gaming industry author Mike Futter on Twitter.

- It is far too late for Ubisoft to cancel the damage it has caused. Repairing the damage has barely begun, Futter writes.

As for the free Watch Dogs 2, it can still be redeemed on this website by Thursday at 10am. However, don’t wait for the game to go to your Uplay account right away. According to Ubisoft, the game will be delivered to registrants by the end of the week.