Jere Virtanen's reputation in the world is growing. In May, American media giant CNN published an extensive article about Virtanen and the museum he founded in Helsinki. The Red Room is dedicated to the English football club Manchester United.

Virtanen from Espoo started to get in touch with his museum with a constant call. Enthusiastic fans from around the world wanted to get acquainted with Virtanen's collection of more than 33,000 ManU memorabilia songs.

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Virtanen's collection contains a wild number of different memorabilia: about 33,000.

Photo: Gustavo Alavedra

Virtanen and his friend also have a podcast called the Theater of Dreams, the theme of which is of course United. Filmmaker and documentary filmmaker John Gubba visited the program in June. Among other works, Gubba has made more than a dozen different United-themed documentaries for United's own television channel MUTV.

Gubba had previously planned to come to Finland to visit the Virtanen Museum as part of a new documentary on United's global support. However, as Virtanen's guest, he revealed that he intends to make his own documentary about the Finn and his museum.

Jere Virtanen and Manchester United are inseparable.

Photo: Gustavo Alavedra

- At first I thought we would photograph a small clip in Helsinki. But later I realized it was its own program. What you’ve managed to do at Red Room is great. You have done more to promote Man United in Finland than anyone else has ever done before. The club owes you a great deal. You’ve done something great, Gubba praised the program.

The documentary will be made for MUTV, but Gubba has also discussed the distribution with Sky and the BBC.

The opening of the Red Room was postponed due to the pandemic. ManU's player legends and other crowds were to come there. When the time comes for the opening, Gubba is there and the party is sure to be big.

Virtanen is baffled by the documentary filmmaker's attention.

- It's a really great tribute. Pulls really humble. It's great that Finland and Helsinki are so many on the map of ManU people. At the heart of the program is my fan and its history, and of course the Red Room, Virtanen, who was reached by phone, says.

Virtanen and Gubba met at the ManU supporters' event a few years ago. Contacts intensified about a year ago when Gubba and Virtanen met again in Malta for the 60th anniversary of ManU's supporters' association.

- We have become better acquainted over the past year and he has become a good friend. We are in touch on a weekly, sometimes daily basis.

A jersey signed by Paul Scholes adorns the museum wall.

Photo: Gustavo Alavedra

The works of Gubban, 60, have garnered praise over the years. His 2016 film We Are United: The Story of MUDSA was nominated for an award from the British Royal Television Society.

Gubba comes from a real family of sports journalists. His father, Ron, was a longtime BBC producer and radio journalist. Eno Tony was a well-known BBC sports journalist.