Elvis Presley’s grandson Benjamin Keough, 27, died of a gunshot wound on Sunday. According to U.S. media, Benjamin Keough shot himself.

However, the information has not been confirmed by the authorities. It has only been confirmed that Keough was shot

Keough died at his mother’s Lisa Marie Presley villa in the Calabasas district of Los Angeles.

Now Lisa Marie Presley’s neighbors have revealed more details about the fatal evening, according to the Daily Mail.

Benjamin Keough’s neighbors reveal to have heard the girlfriend’s cries. Pictured is Keough with her mother Lisa Marie Presley in 2015.

Photo: MJT / ADM / MPI / Capital pictures / MVPhotos

Dail Mail reported that, according to a neighbor, there were noises from the Presley villa on Sunday morning partying. She says she heard a distressed woman shout “don’t do it” at three in the morning.

The woman is believed to have been Keough's girlfriend Diana Pinto.

Another resident of the neighborhood said, according to the Daily Mail, police arrived at the villa at six in the morning.

The resident heard police talking to an upset woman in the backyard of the villa. He believes the woman was Keough's girlfriend.

- I heard someone talking really loud in the backyard. I looked out, and saw his girlfriend outside talking to the police. He was pretty hysterical, and said “I can’t believe it,” the resident tells the Daily Mail.

Benjamin Keough photographed with his mother Lisa Marie Presley in 2015.

Image: JPA / AFF-USA.COM / MEGA / The Mega Agency / MVPhotos

The resident also said the girlfriend was worried about how Keough’s family would treat her.

- He said “that family will hate me” and “they will blame me”. I think he felt guilty about what happened, but I don’t want to speculate as to why, the resident commented to the Daily Mail.

A neighbor says he saw his girlfriend at the villa regularly. According to the neighbor, the couple has been dating for at least two years.

Keough has hardly been in the limelight, though the rest of the family is world famous. One thing, however, he is known for: Benjamin has been found to be remarkably similar to his grandfather Elvis Presley.

TMZ says Benjamin was also a musician. In 2009, he had signed a record deal worth $ 5 million. He has also acted to some extent, but otherwise Benjamin has stayed out of public view. He has also not been active on social media.

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