Oppenau (dpa / lsw) - The police continue to search for the 31-year-old who threatened four police officers in Oppenau in the Black Forest and took their guns from them. The police and public prosecutor's office want to inform the public about the current situation in a press conference at 2 p.m. today.

The schools in Oppenau are said to reopen after they were closed on Monday. "The place should return to normal," said Mayor Uwe Gaiser on Monday evening. A security concept had been coordinated with the police. However, parents are free to decide whether they want to send their children to school or not.

The 31-year-old without a permanent residence had fled to the forest on Sunday morning after the crime. The police combed the area around Oppenau in the Ortenaukreis on Monday with a large contingent. Among other things, a special unit, a dog squadron and helicopters were involved in the search. The police asked the people in Oppenau to stay at home if possible. An investigating judge at the Offenburg District Court issued a pre-trial warrant, partly because of the urgent suspicion of particularly severe predatory extortion.

The police had checked the man on Sunday in a hut on the edge of the forest. "He was very cooperative at the beginning, which means that it was completely unpredictable for his colleagues that he suddenly pulls a gun and all four look into a barrel with a bow," said police spokesman Yannik Hilger. The officers had to put their pistols on the floor. The 31-year-old then fled to the forest with the service weapons.

The man, who was probably wearing camouflage clothing, was found to be armed with a bow and arrow, a knife, and a pistol. He is said to have been looking for shelter in the forest for weeks. The police assume that he is very knowledgeable and safe in the woods around the city. The wanted person had already come into conflict with the police several times, among other things due to a violation of the weapons law.

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