“Thank God, this happened without any provocations and excesses, it is very important, as you know, the duty of law enforcement agencies is to prevent any provocations,” the representative of the Kremlin said.

So he answered the question whether the Kremlin considers this action a model of interaction between the government and citizens.

In addition, Peskov commented on the words of Presidential Envoy Yuri Trutnev, who said that the work of the leadership of the Khabarovsk Territory was poorly organized.

Earlier, the mayor of Khabarovsk, Sergei Kravchuk, commenting on unauthorized rallies, emphasized that the organizers of these actions have a double responsibility. 

At the same time, he noted “the prudence of the Khabarovsk residents who abstained from these rallies and processions,” and also thanked the security forces “for their correct and responsible attitude.”