Emmi Granlund published a cute family portrait on Instagram. Hockey player Mikael Granlund and spouse Emmi Granlund are smiling in black and white looking happy. The couple's soon-to-be-and-a-half-year-old Milo boy is in his father's lap, dressed in a fluffy teddy bear hoodie.

The picture already has over 3000 likes. Granlund has put three purple heart smileys as captions. Followers have also commented on the picture below the hearts.

Model and interior designer Emmi Granlund published the picture just before the couple’s first wedding day. Emmi and Mikael Granlund married in Helsinki Cathedral on July 19, 2019. The couple met in the summer of 2012. The firstborn son Milo was born in February 2019.

Earlier in the spring, the family faced immense grief when the expected second child was born dead. Granlund told the grief news on Instagram.

- Our little angel girl was born on Tuesday in cardiac arrest. We find hope that we know he is our guardian angel up there. We believe there is a reason for everything happening, Granlund wrote in his spring caption.

Mikael Granlund of Nashville Predators lives with his family in Nashville, Tennessee. In the summer, the family has also spent time in Finland.