China News Service, July 15th, according to foreign media reports, on the 14th local time, before Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology prosecuted the US government for the new regulations on visas for international students, Boston District Court Judge Burroughs announced that the US government Has agreed to revoke the previously issued new regulations for international student visas.

Settlement before the court

  According to reports, on the 14th, a joint lawsuit between Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology will begin, but Burroughs announced the news before the court. He stated that as far as he knew, the parties to the lawsuit had reached a settlement and everything would be restored.

  According to previous reports, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Bureau of the US Department of Homeland Security issued a notice on the 6th that international students in the fall semester of 2020 will not be able to obtain a visa to the United States or maintain a current visa if they only take online courses. Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology filed a lawsuit on the 8th to prevent the US government from implementing the new visa regulations for international students.

  Subsequently, a coalition of 17 states and the District of Columbia joined the litigation camp. They believe that the US government's decision seems to be "forcing universities to re-open face-to-face courses", increasing the risk of exposure to the new coronavirus, while disrupting the school's carefully planned online lesson plans and disrupting the lives of foreign students.

Data Map: Inside view of Harvard University campus.

Many universities welcome

  After this news was announced, the presidents of many American universities welcomed this.

  President of South Carolina Carol Forte said on social media, "This is an exciting victory for our international students and the entire higher education. I am proud of the University of Southern California and colleagues across the country ."

  Princeton University also responded by saying that it welcomes the federal government's decision to lift the ban on foreign students.

  Columbia University President Lee Bolinger said in a statement, "Thanks to the overwhelming opposition from the higher education community and elsewhere, tens of thousands of international students are protected from the possible damage caused by such unwise government policies Sexual consequences."

  New York State Attorney General Letitia James said the Trump administration’s eagerness to reopen schools “threatens the public health and safety of all students, all staff, and hundreds of millions of residents in New York and other parts of the country.”